Synthetic Antibodies Protect Mice From Sudan Ebolavirus

Antibody-based therapeutics hold promise for treating the often deadly hemorrhagic fever caused by Ebola virus. During the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which has killed more than 1,500 people to date, several infected people have been treated with an experimental antibody-cocktail treatment called ZMapp. These antibodies are designed to neutralize Zaire ebolavirus, the cause … Continued

San Diego company opens up about experimental Ebola drug

As an early-stage experimental drug, very little ZMapp existed before the outbreak. Questions remain about how much is left. Earlier this month, Mapp issued a statement saying supplies had run out. Yet this week news broke about ZMapp being used to treat another patient, this time a British nurse.  

Gene studies of Ebola in Sierra Leone show virus mutating

CHICAGO, Aug 28 (Reuters) – Genetic studies of some of the earliest Ebola cases in Sierra Leone reveal more than 300 genetic changes in the virus as it leapt from person to person, changes that could blunt the effectiveness of diagnostic tests and experimental treatments now in development, researchers said on Thursday.