Luis M. Branco, Ph.D.

Luis M. Branco, Ph.D., has extensive expertise in multiple facets of research and development of chimeric, humanized, human, and affinity maturation of recombinant antibodies for human use. During 15 years in industry he was directly involved in the development of licensed antibody therapeutics, such as MedImmune’s Synagis (Palivizumab), Human Genome Sciences’ Benlysta (Belimumab) and ABthrax (raxibacumab), as well as additional antibodies under clinical evaluation (MEDI’s Numax [motavizumab], HGS’ CCR5mAb004, HGS-ETR1 [Mapatumumab]. His research interests also focused on development of industry leading technologies for acceleration of stable cell line development with high regulatory compliance, aimed at reducing timelines and costs in the development path toward IND filings