Gary P. Kobinger, Ph.D.

Gary Kobinger is the Head of the Special Pathogens Program that provides Canada’s diagnostic and reference services for risk group 4 (RG4) pathogens. The Special Pathogens Program provides national, and occasionally international field and surveillance support. Innovative research on RG4 pathogens as well as training of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and international partners are additional important focuses of the program. Dr. Kobinger’s research interests include investigations on the molecular biology, epidemiology, pathogenesis and host immune responses of RG4 pathogens as well as the development of clinical modalities to cure or prevent infections (e.g. antivirals, vaccines etc.).  Developing sensitive and specific diagnostic tests and systems to detect and monitor RG4 pathogens is also a priority, including approaches that can be used successfully in field studies and outbreak settings.